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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To remain the leaders in the retail baking sector in Southern Africa as we were for the past 17 years. Through innovation and knowledge of the management in the baking industry, we constantly strive to uphold and adjust the concept according to the challenges faced with in the ever changing economic climates and market profiles.

Our Mission

  • To create successful, independent business opportunities through the application of a comprehensive business system in the various markets that we operate in;
  • To grow and develop our franchisees, employees and service providers through sharing the innovation and visionary skills within our own structures;
  • To achieve a consistently high level of performance to the benefit of all associated with Butterfield Franchising and upholding the value of the Butterfield brand through our actions;
  • To contribute towards the economic growth of South Africa through the empowerment of entrepreneurial individuals.
  • To grow the franchise base to be present in each town and village in South Africa and Southern African states.